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Lost your Pet? Our Lost Pet Postcards service will send hundreds of postcards to the area where your pet was lost.
All you have to do is perform a LOST pet search on PetHarbor and follow the prompts.

Start your search by entering your zip code or city name at the left of this page. Then choose "Lost My Pet"
Questions about Lost Pet Postcards? Click here!     
Our Goals are simple:
  • Benefit the animals by providing mechanisms for them to be adopted if they are available or found if they are lost.
  • Benefit the public by empowering them to adopt a new animal companion, find a lost pet, or re-unite an owner with a lost pet that they have found.
  • Benefit the animal shelters by connecting the public with the shelter and the animals contained therein.

Dedication:  This website is dedicated to those people who work in animal shelters. Our society has given to them a difficult and often heartbreaking task.  It is a daily struggle that is largely unseen by the general public, and no pats on the back are given -- rarely do they ever hear a simple 'Thank you'.  Yet day in and day out they meet their challenge with compassion, dignity, and humanity.  From we who notice, Thank You.

On these pages you will find dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, sheep and horses, parakeets and hamsters. They come from your local animal shelter, SPCA, Humane Society, county or city Animal Control, and many private animal-welfare organizations.
Most of them need homes. 'Nuff said.

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